See and be Seen

We fit a range of different lighting which provides additional safety features, as well as enhancing the design and feel of your vehicle.  From the traditional halogen rotating amber lights, to flashing LED lightbars, we offer solutions to all aspects of commercial vehicle lighting.

Light Bars

We fit products of high quality anodised aluminium and polished stainless steel spotlight bars.  These are designed to complement the look and lighting efficiency of your vehicle. 

Warning Lights

Directional or hazard warning lights are available in a range of colours and can be fitted at various points around the vehicle according to your individual requirements.

All Round Lighting

These are 2 or 3 lighting clusters down either side of the vehicle.  These can be activated either by a switch in the cab or when selecting reverse.  Both sides of the vehicle will then be lit up showing any obstructions which would not otherwise have been visible.

Quality Standards

New standards have been introduced to guarantee standards on beacons, light bars and vehicle warning lamps which cover the:

  • Light output
  • Colour
  • Light dispersion
  • Flash frequency

Regulation ECE R65 is a United Nations standard, which has been adopted in the EU.  The Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 8 in the UK are a series of traffic safety measures for road works and recommends the use of R65 approved products.  All of our lighting meets the R65 standard.