Camera & Recording Systems

Blind spots are costly.  Anything coming into contact with your vehicle will cost you, not only the direct costs of repair, but also the downtime your vehicle is off the road – let alone any costs where there is personal injury.

Our camera systems minimise the risks by giving your driver the confidence to manage your vehicle safely.  We can build a bespoke package which combines passive and active systems which help the driver and protects workers, pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.

cameras and sensors


  • Cost effective:  Our systems help you to become risk averse.  By doing so, we will help your business to increase efficiency, by minimising accidents, reducing repairs, and keeping your vehicles busy on the road instead of stuck in the garage.
  • Insurance:  Comprehensive camera monitoring systems can help reduce your insurance premiums, by demonstrating a proactive response to reducing risks.  The use of cameras with digital recording systems can also provide critical evidence in the event of an accident and help prevent false insurance claims.

Rear View

The rear-view blind spot is a major problem area with 16% of commercial vehicle insurance claims due to reversing accidents.  Adding a reversing camera helps prevent such collisions, reduces damage to the vehicle, and helps the driver manoeuvre safely and easily.

Side View

Side view cameras help eliminate the near side blind spot, which is often responsible for sideswipe collisions on motorways, as well as accidents involving cyclists, particularly at junctions when the vehicle is turning.  These cameras remove this blind spot, and meet Class VI and V blind-spot requirements.

Front View

Due to the size and elevated driver positions of machinery and trucks, a blind spot often exists to the front of a vehicle, which is particularly dangerous when pulling off at low speed. Our front view cameras meet blind spot requirements for Class VI vehicles (blind spot directive 2003/97/EC) and for earth moving machinery (ISO 5006).


In-cab monitors give the driver essential information about the vehicle’s surroundings. Our LCD monitors range from a compact 5” screen, suitable for smaller cabs where space is limited, up to 10.5” for larger vehicles or where permanent multiple images are required.


Our range of sensors take protecting your vehicle and other road users to the next level.  These ultrasonic proximity sensors are perfect for vehicles moving in confined spaces, or manoeuvring at low speed.  The system alerts the driver to obstacles close to the vehicle, whether moving or stationary, and external speaking alarm can be added to warn pedestrians and cyclists that the vehicle is turning or reversing.


Our systems are fully compliant with construction industry standards such as CLOCS and FORS.

On-screen display

Drivers are warned of potential objects close to the vehicle with both an audible warning and a distance display.

We can also integrate this with the camera monitor system, where the warnings are overlaid onto the camera image.  By combining all the information in one view, the driver is less distracted.

All round protection

We can install sensors to provide 360 degree protection for your vehicle with:

  • Reverse proximity sensor kits
  • Front proximity sensors which are switched on  via a speed sensitive switch
  • Both near-side & off-side proximity sensors trigger when indicating
  • The option to add audible warnings to inform others of the vehicles intended movement

Our products include:

  • Backscan® which has 4 sensors fitted to the rear of the vehicle to aid safe reversing
  • Sidescan® is 4 sensors along the side of the vehicle, solving the near side blind spot problem which is a risk to cyclists and pedestrians
  • Frontscan® provides warning for low objects or pedestrians where the cab is high, creating a front blind spot
  • Cornerscan® detects objects in the front near side blind spot, useful for reversing and manoeuvring in tight spaces
  • Stepscan® protects the nearside cab step

As with all of our systems, we can provide a bespoke solution to fully protect your vehicle.